The only sector of the economy which all the experts agree is going to experience continued growth is the internet.  Paperless publishing and advertising are growing every day.  Businesses are rushing to deploy websites that will bring business to them.

Most small business owners don’t have the time to figure out how to publish their own website.  They need someone to do it for them.  That is where you come in.

With the simple-to-use tools we provide, you will quickly amaze yourself with the professional work you are able to do.  You’ll start by creating your own hosting and design site to attract customers and to use as an example.

I know what I am talking about, because I have been doing this for ten years.

You should charge a minimum of $300-500  to create a typical website for a small business.  As your reputation improves, you might easily be selling basic sites in the $500-1,000 range.  My wife does so all the time!  You should charge at least $200-300  per year renewal and site maintenance after the first year.

If you’re slow, and if you are just part time, you should average one new site per week during the first year.  That’s over $20,000 in profits! The second year you’ll make the same amount, PLUS you will earn another $10,000 or so in renewal income.  The renewals get larger and larger every year. Last year I earned twice as much in renewals as I did from new accounts.  This is money that will roll in forever, since businesses don’t like to shut down their websites.

It is the perfect “Get Rich Slowly” scheme!

Even if you are as lazy as me, within five years you ought to be clearing $75,000 in part time income.  Keep in mind that over 99% of that amount is profit!

If you’re a hard worker, and put some time and effort into it, you could easily do three times those amounts and more.

You’ll be able to offer professional websites that allow customers to sell their products online (e-commerce) and publicize their brand.

We will maintain the servers and software, and keep them updated as technology improves, so you will always have the latest and best tools to provide a high quality experience for your clients.

Did I mention that the startup and monthly overhead is $25 per month?

Call me, let’s talk about it.

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